Family Dentistry

At Spring Forest Dental, our providers welcome patients of all ages to experience dentistry like never before! Our family-friendly environment is a tranquil space for you to maintain and preserve your dental health through a variety of health-enhancing procedures; these include, of course, routine hygienic procedures, as well as various treatments and solutions to correct issues. 

With our team, you can expect every visit to foster a unique, memorable experience where you truly feel informed and in control. Our mission is to provide the care you deserve, while also surpassing expectations to create experiences beyond standard dental care. 

What are you waiting for? Contact our Greenville, NC, practice today to discover a new standard for exceptional dental care!

Cleanings & Exams

Our dental cleanings and examination services are designed to ensure your smile is in optimal condition. Performed at least every six months, you are welcomed into our office to sit back, relax, and allow our team to execute five-star service for your smile. This includes brushing, flossing, and polishing the teeth – as well as inspecting each of the teeth and oral tissues for any problem areas requiring extra attention. We will perform this examination by visual assessment, as well as digital x-ray imaging.

By the end of this appointment, you can expect to be fully equipped with feedback and recommendations catered directly to your unique smile condition!

Crowns & Bridges

In the event that a tooth is damaged or lost, we offer both dental crowns and dental bridges as secure solutions to restore your smile. With either of these service offerings, you can expect to leave our office with newfound confidence, better health, and improved quality of life!

  • Dental crowns are designed to restore a damaged tooth. Commonly utilized following a root canal, a dental crown is a personalized, composite tooth cap designed to encapsulate your natural tooth. This restores not only the beauty of your natural tooth, but the function and health as well. With the dental crown secured firmly in place, the tooth that suffered damage is able to be preserved and protected from further harm. At our practice, we offer same-day crowns, so you can receive treatment for the damaged tooth and have your custom-made crown placed within the same visit!
  • Dental bridges are utilized to restore one or more missing teeth within a particular section of your mouth. Bridge prosthetics are made from multiple dental crowns that are fused together to span the gap left by these missing teeth. Deriving strength from the natural tooth structure, the bridge is cemented over your natural teeth, with the artificial tooth crowns filling the gap. For a seamless appearance when the bridge is attached, it is necessary to reshape your natural teeth on either side of the gap to allow the appliance to fit properly and match the size of neighboring teeth.

Tooth Extractions

While a tooth extraction can feel like a rather intimidating procedure, we assure you that the service is performed by skilled, compassionate professionals who prioritize your comfort throughout the procedure. In addition, we ensure that extractions are only performed if absolutely necessary; our team will always exhaust every option to preserve your natural teeth when possible. However, there are some circumstances where extractions are not only needed, but are actually beneficial to your health. These situations may include the following:

  • The tooth is severely decayed or infected.
  • The tooth is broken or fractured beyond repair.
  • The tooth is poorly positioned or causing crowding.
  • The tooth is a third molar (wisdom tooth) and has insufficient space for emerging properly.

If we determine that tooth extraction is the best course of action for your dental health, we will make sure to explain to you the details of the procedure in advance to ease your mind and ensure your comfort. If necessary, we can also arrange for ridge augmentation or dental implant procedures to restore the smile following your extraction!


 If you are seeking a solution to restore your lost teeth, dentures might be the right choice for you! At our practice, we offer both partial dentures and complete dentures to restore the beauty and function of the smile.

  • Partial dentures are designed to restore one or more missing teeth along the top or bottom dental arch. This prosthetic is made from acrylic and tooth-colored resin and uses a metal framework to attach to neighboring teeth.
  • Complete dentures are custom-created to restore an entire dental arch of missing teeth. Dentures are typically composed of a gum-colored polymer base that attaches to the oral arch with either suction or dental adhesive. The base supports the lips and cheeks while acting as a foundation for a full arch of artificial teeth. These teeth are custom created in a shade, size, and shape that fits your preferences and compliments your appearance.


Dental fillings are restorative services designed to aid the health, strength, and function of your tooth following mild cases of decay or damage. 

Once a cavity or tooth fracture is detected, the filling material is used to protect and restore these vulnerable areas and prevent further harm or damage from occurring. 

  • Fillings are applied to areas of decay to restore the tooth and ensure any plaque, tartar, and acidic saliva is unable to reach the pulp and cause an infection. 
  • The filling also restores the integrity of a broken tooth – ensuring that any fractured areas are given the support needed to continue thriving and functioning.

Our practice offers composite fillings to ensure the restoration matches the color of the natural tooth. This makes the filling blend seamlessly with the tooth, securing a beautiful, natural appearance following the treatment.

  • The procedure begins with our team members providing a local anesthetic to make sure you are comfortable throughout the treatment.
  • We will then carefully remove any decay or reshape areas of damage to provide a smooth base. 
  • From there, we apply the filling material and sculpt it to match the shape of the tooth. 
  • The material is then cured and hardened in place with an LED light. 
  • We will then apply finishing touches by polishing the material to ensure a seamless finish.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer screenings are performed as a part of every routine visit, so we can make sure your smile is safe and healthy. Our team members will carefully examine your oral tissues for the presence of any abnormal sores, ulcers, or patches. We will also check your neck and throat for lumps or swelling. 

As a part of our examination, we may also ask questions about any strange symptoms you may have noticed since your last visit. This includes the following:

  • Persistent white patches on the gum tissue
  • Pain in the mouth or throat
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Numbness or tenderness in a localized area of the face or mouth

If you notice any of the above symptoms, we encourage you to contact our office as soon as possible for an examination.


Dental sealants are preventative barriers that are applied to the surfaces of your molars to prevent the development of decay. Once placed, they ensure that these areas are kept clear of lingering food debris.

  • Before applying sealants, your teeth are first carefully cleaned, polished, and dried.
  • Sealant material is painted onto your teeth in liquid form and given time to dry.
  • Once finally dried, the sealant acts as a shield to your enamel – preventing decay from targeting the deep crevices along the tops of the teeth.

While dental sealants are most commonly utilized for young children while they are first learning to brush properly, we also apply sealants for any adult patients who are prone to cavity development. Once applied, sealants can protect the molars for up to 15 years.

Traditional Braces

Teeth that are misaligned not only pose a concern to your smile’s appearance but to your oral health as well. Due to the poor positioning of the teeth, many areas may be hard to clean properly – resulting in surfaces that are inaccessible by your toothbrush bristles or floss. This leads to an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Our practice offers orthodontic treatment with traditional braces to correct tooth alignment. Using a series of metal brackets and a thin wire, your teeth are guided into the proper position by consistent pressure over time.

  • First, metal brackets are cemented to the front surfaces of each tooth.
  • The brackets are connected by a thin wire that is secured along the entire dental arch.
  • Through periodic appointments, our team will tighten the wires to apply more pressure to guide your teeth.
  • Once treatment is complete, brackets and wires will be removed – revealing a beautifully straightened smile.

A Healthier Smile For A Happier Life

Our mission at Spring Forest Dental is to change lives through quality oral health care. We make great strides towards this achievement by maintaining a high standard of patient care and establishing an environment where all providers are driven to excel. 

Inspired by the constant motivation to learn, grow, and improve, our team members are truly dedicated to the health and happiness of you and your family. By choosing our practice as your dental home, you can expect nothing less than the very best; after all, that is just what you deserve! Call today to schedule your visit.

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